Saturday, 16 January 2010

Yesterday I had coffe with Lillie, twice, she's from Jersey, whoever knew they had Jersey pounds? I also bought some new sketchbooks from Muji, they are nice too.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Family trip

One day an octopus baby, a monkey penquin, an octopus tortoise, a penguin baby and a tortoise monkey went to the sea side, they sat under their pink umbrella, and had a jolly old time. It was a lovely day.

Thankyou Rabbit

This is an angry Scottish Goblin who does not like the snow as it stops him from going to the pub

roughs for my book

Having done lots of drawings based on our chosen chair our new project is to create a series of images that have a narrative, mine is some kind of journey through the imaginations of the men who made the chair, so these are some roughs for what it might look like.

I got this disposable camera that prints things (like moustaches) on top of your image, so much fun!

Boats are nice

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

where rockinghorse people eat marshmallow pies

These are rocking horse people and chair people, they are going to have a fight, they like eatting marshmallow pies and are going to be in one of the worlds that the boat is going to travel through..

Greenspring YOUFS

These are the guys who made the bench

More bench making

My step by step guide of how to make a Garden Bench

Macys Day Parade

A collage I did based on these huge floats and balloons for the macys day parade in NY


Here are two drawings I did in New York, the first one is a view of the ice skating rink in Bryant Park, and the second view of the buildings from Central park

New York


Dog Walkers

Weeee my scanner has arrived, so dog drawings as promised, espect lots more updates

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

swimming in the snow

some doodles i photographes then added colour and stuff on photoshop, grrrr i need a scanner.

more importantly