Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stop go Animation, based on the word REST

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Travelling Troupe

The next bit of the project was to get into groups with people with similar costumes, then we got a word, and had to make a film about it..
Ours was 'Rest' and the idea was that we are a travelling troupe, almost like a circus, and we move from place to place collecting strange objects, then at night we use them to build a den which we then 'rest' in. I really enjoyed making the film, as it's the first film I've ever made though as it was all stop motion it was quite a long process.

Author project

So for this part of the project we had to make a costume, based on our five primary needs, mine wasn't really, but is kind of meant to be like a touchy/feely/scratchy book that you have as a kid..but in a costume. I guess my five needs could be..colour, touch, collecting, sight, fun

Saturday, 20 February 2010



These are some hand painted mugs I have been making, I'm selling them for £6 or (2 for £10) so if you would like one please get in touch.. (
They are made to order, so pick which design you want..

Author project

Some drawings I did at the Huntarian, my new obsession, and they even have an aquarium!
[Shamen, Totem Poles, Katsina dolls]

'environments i inhabit'

Synopsis to my childrens book (see below) by Theo:
In our crit for this project we had to look at each others work and then work out what we thought it was about, this is Theo's version of my images and it is suprisingly accurate! I thought it was pretty hilarious, so when I get round to reproducing my book i'm either going to use this as the text or as an extra at the back.
Also apologies for lack of updating, my computer broke for about a month but it has finally returned, hurray!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Object final piece

This is a childrens book I made, about an explorer named Herbert Sherbert who invents 'The Garden bench' (minus text)

One day Herbert spies some strange creatures through his magic telescope...this gives him an idea: He is going to make a bench..

But first he must travel to the land of imagination, to get the wood from the magic tree. He meets the Octowolf

'Hello Octowolf I'm looking for the magic tree-'

'But of course, its in the magic forest, but watch out for the Dragon who guards the tree'

He goes to the forest where he meets the Dragon and bargains with him for the magic tree..

With the help of some looking glass people he carries the tree home, where a weightless bear chops the wood into pieces

He must then dangle the wood into the sea, where the fishes nibble the wood smooth

Then using huge nails and hammers he can finally build the bench..