Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Things that blow my mind

ok so i have spent ages working out what to include in my book, what layout to use, etc
oh book is about space
its a factual book but using minimal amounts of text

page1: the solar system is 4.6 billion years old
page 2: a fold out to scale diagram of the solar system
page 3: Gravity is the force which holds the universe together
page 4: A star is a ball of gas held together by its own gravity
page 5: Huge clouds of dust and gas gather together, due to gravity these become very densely packed and when they are hot enough nuclear fusion occurs and a star is formed
page 6: The sun is a star. It is one of about 100 billion stars in the milky way
page 7: When we look at the sun we are seeing it 8 minutes ago because that is how long it takes light to reach earth
page 8: A black hole is an invisible whirl pool in space, cause when a star collapses. Gravity in a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape
page 9: A shooting star is actually a meteoroid that burns up as it passes through the earths atmosphere
page 10: planets orbit suns, planets are made of rock, planets do not emit light
page 11: Jupiter is so big you could fit over 1,000 earths inside it
page 12: Rougly 71% of the earth surface is covered by water
page 13: there are more than 8,000 objects orbiting the earth
page 14: The moon is moving away from the earth at about 3 cm a yea
page 15: since nov 2, 2002 humans have lived and worked in space

all are double page spreads

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